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Imaginary Landscapes, Part II: Guido Vedovato, Robert Delaunay, Avraham Kan, Iyad Sabbah & Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Ricardo

Painted by self-taught Italian artist Guido Vedovato, the image featured above, Rooster and Pumpkins, remains on view at GINA Gallery in Tel Aviv through March 16, 2018.

What follows are several more recently-encountered paintings in this second part of our ongoing series, Imaginary Landscapes:

Self-taught late French artist Robert Delaunay, Air, Iron and Water, as seen at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Self-taught Israel-based artist Avraham Kan, “A Familiar Melody,” as seen at GINA Gallery in Tel Aviv

Palestinian artist Iyad Sabbah, “Jerusalem,” as seen at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Self-taught Cuban artist Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Ricardo, “The Three Palm Trees,” as seen at GINA Gallery 

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky

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