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A Couple of Couples: Vered Gersztenkorn, Johann Garber, Paulina Pinsky, Sara Erenthal and more

Pictured above is a mixed-media painting featuring a couple in what appears to be a domestic setting by the self-taught Israeli artist, Vered Gersztenkorn. Several more artworks — fashioned in varied styles and media depicting couples in a range of situations and poses — that I’ve come upon in my recent travels follow:

Austrian artist Johann Garber, as seen on the Haus der Künstler, the House of Artists 

Self-taught Brazil-based artist Paulina Pinsky, Wedding Portrait, Oil on wood, as seen at GINA Gallery 

Brooklyn-based self-taught artist Sara Erenthal, as seen in Jaffa

Unidentified artist, as seen on the grounds of the Negev Artist House

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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