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brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present: August Walla, Johann Hauser, Johann Fischer, Leonhard Fink, Heinrich Reisenbauer & more

Curated by Johann Feilacher, the artistic director of museum guggingbrain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present showcases a wonderfully diverse range of Art Brut, representing five decades of artistic creativity in Gugging. Featured artists include several — now deceased — who had achieved considerable recognition while advancing the representatiton of Art Brut in the mainstream art world, along with representatives of the current generation of Gugging artists.The image featured above,Two Angels, (© Art Brut KG) was fashioned the late, famed Austrian outsider artist August Walla in 1986. Several more images of works on exhibit by Gugging artists — that I saw on my recent visit — follow:

The late Slovakia native Johann Hauser, Naked Woman with Hat, 1986 © Privatstiftung – Künstler aus Gugging

The late Austrian artist Johann Fischer, Und wollen in der … , 2000 © Privatstiftung – Künstler aus Gugging

Vienna native Leonhard Fink, the Map of the City of Linz in Upper Austria, 2014 © galerie gugging

Lower Austria native Heinrich Reisenbauer, Watering Cans, 2017 © Privatstiftung – Künstler aus Gugging

brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present continues through November 4 1921 at museum gugging, a wondrous oasis of outsider art, located approximately 12 miles outside of Vienna.

All images courtesy museum gugging

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