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A Purr-fect Night at The Cat Museum of New York City Pop-Up Event

On Sunday, May 19, the Cat Museum of New York City — founded by Jenny Pierson, Reynard Loki and Susan Steshko — held its first public event in SoHo. Co-hosted by the Museum of Interesting Things as part of its Secret Speakeasy series, the pop-up featured cat art, cat books, cat music, cat board games and more.

It was standing room only — two or four legs — with an appreciative and attentive group of humans, along with one Sphinx cat.

A NYC based veterinarian and veterinary acupuncturist, Dr. Jeff Levy strummed cat-themed songs on his guitar.

Among the artists present whose work was on exhibit and for sale was the talented Milka Montero. A Pratt graduate, she creates works that capture a dream-like quality of big cats through the use of mixed gesso backgrounds and deftly-applied oils which shine in a pearlescent glaze.

Founding Executive Director Jenny Pierson focused on her mission of securing nonprofit status and finding a permanent home for the Cat Museum of New York City. She educated the attendees on the benefits of cat ownership, the issue of unhoused cats in the city, and the need for funds for shelters, food and cat care.

Be sure to follow the Cat Museum of New York City on Instagram. And to become directly involved in the museum’s mission, you can email: [email protected]

Reported by Bonnie Astor