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About Art BreakOUT

Working independently outside mainstream Western culture, a broad range of talented artists remains relatively unnoticed. Some are self-taught; some are emotionally or physically challenged, and others simply choose to work outside standard cultural norms.  It is the mission of ART BreakOUT to provide opportunities for these artists to share their skills and visions with others – both online and in varied settings.

Reflecting on a range of universal themes from trauma and loss to growth and rebirth, their works transcend generations, geographies and social classes, while fostering transcultural dialog.

With rich and varied styles and sensibilities that do not conform to established art practices, their works tend to provide a deeper understanding of the subconscious and an increased awareness of creative possibilities.  And while they generally are not recognized within the institutional art world, they have widely influenced mainstream artists.

While some utilize traditional media, others work with unconventional elements, including discarded materials and found objects, questioning our assumptions about aesthetic choices. And while some create spontaneously and extemporaneously, others work painstakingly and obsessively, often informed by primitive indigenous cultures.

ART BreakOUT will provide a platform for these artists — who work on the margins of the art establishment — to gain exposure, while educating the public about them. It will, also, feature works by self-taught and Outsider artists whose art can now be seen in galleries and museums throughout the world.

About Us

Bonnie Astor‘s paintings and mixed media artworks have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Athens, Greece and Venice, Italy.  Her artwork was chosen by  non-profit organizations for women’s empowerment, education and access to health care projects. As an art activist, she leads community workshops benefitting people of all ages with disabilities, mental illness, homelessness and in transition. Both a Master’s in Studio Art ( NYU) and a Master’s in Nursing (Rutgers) inform Bonnie’s artwork and interactions with people around the globe.

An award-winning educator, curator and writer, Lois Stavsky is the editor of the popular urban art blog, Street Art NYC.  She has moderated and participated in panel discussions on urban art throughout the globe.