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Curious Characters, Part lll: Jayne County, Foma Jaremtscuk, Angel Ortiz aka LA2 & Baston714

The curious characters pictured above were fashioned by the self-taught, transgender punk rocker Jayne County. What follows are several more works by largely self-taught artists that were seen in a range of settings, indoors and out.

Also by Jayne County, as seen last month at Participant on the Lower East Side

The late self-taught artist Foma Jaremtscuk, as seen at the Outsider Art Fair

Self-taught artist — and the late Keith Haring collaborator — Angel Ortiz aka LA2

NYC-based Baston714, pasted in Freeman’s Alley on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Photo credits: 1-3 Tara Murray; 4 & 5 Lois Stavsky