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A Couple of Couples, Part III: Vered Gersztenkorn, Michael Cuomo, Erik Hanson, Issa Ibrahim, Mari Biro and John Dunkley

The image featured above in Part III of our series, A Couple of Couples, was fashioned by the self-taught Israeli artist Vered Gersztenkorn — whose beguiling aesthetic we discovered awhile back in Tel Aviv. Several more images of couples by a diverse range of artists — some self-taught and others formally trained — follow:

Self-taught Yonkers-based interdisciplinary artist Michael Cuomo, “Untitled,” Mixed media — as seen in his Yoho studio

NYC-based self-taught artist Erik Hanson does Bluto & Popeye: Mykonos,” 2017, Oil on canvas — as seen in “PRIDE,” a group exhibition held last summer at Postmasters Gallery in Tribeca

Queens-based multidisciplinary artist Issa Ibrahim, “She Hulk and Plastic Man,” Acrylic on canvas — as seen last summer at the Living Museum on the grounds of the Creedmoor Medical Center in Queens Village, NY

Sunset Park-based visionary artist Mari Biro — one of her many paintings from her ongoing series, “Cell Cells” — as seen at the Sunset House of Art in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The late self-taught Jamaican artist John Dunkley, “Diamond Wedding,” 1940, Mixed media on canvas — as seen last year in his solo exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky