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“Tap It and It Sings” Continues at the Outsider Art Galerie in Amsterdam Through March 2, 2024

Located at the H’ART Museum in Amsterdam, the Outsider Art Galerie features a diverse range of artworks by outsider artists from Amsterdam and beyond. Currently on view is Tap It and It Sings featuring work by 14 artists associated with Reakt Den Hague, an organization that supports people who are facing mental health issues.

The expressive, psychedelic drawing featured above was fashioned by Voorburg-born, multidisciplinary, artist Raphaël Ranôt Heckman. What follows are several more images of artworks I captured while visiting the welcoming Outsider Art Galerie:

Also by multidisciplinary artist Raphaël Ranôt Heckman

Netherlands-based artist Marleen Hagenaar — whose paintings and drawings tend to focus on horses and their riders

Dublin-born, Netherlands-based artist Tim Duncan

Netherlands-based multidisciplinary artist Tino van Leeuwen

The elusive Victoria Brown whose puppet is central to her artistry

The exhibition remains on view through March 2 and can be visited Wednesday – Saturday 12 -5 PM at Neerlandiaplein 7, 1018 DR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Note: The 14 artists featured in this exhibit have created a print-on-demand book in collaboration with Maldoracca – an artist initiative by Ibrahim R. Ineke and Anthony Blokdijk.

Photos of artworks: Lois Stavsky