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A Visit to Hans Langner’s “Birdhouse” at Art Brut Center Gugging

In 2000, the self-taught German artist Hans Langner aka birdman began the transformation of an old farmhouse in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany into a riveting art installation featuring hundreds of birds. Rendered in a range of styes and media — often on repurposed objects — the birds startle with their sumptuously simple lines and curves. The effects of time and weather add to the intrigue of the “birdhouse” that was completed in 2013, as its appearance is invariably changing. The remarkable assemblage has since made its way onto the premises of the Art Brut Center Gugging. What follows are several more images of it that I captured while visiting Gugging:

Another huge segment from the front of the Birdhouse

The doorway to the Birdhouse

The Birdhouse, closer up

And another close-up

Photos by Lois Stavsky