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At Home: Mary Tooley Parker, Michael Levell, Matthew Wong, Andrew Lamar Hopkins and Sara Erenthal

The alluring image pictured above — seen last year at her solo exhibition at Virdian Artists in Chelsea — was fashioned by the largely self-taught textile artist Mary Tooley Parker. It was one of several of the the artist’s rug-hooking works on display exuding a distinctly warm, domestic tranquility.  Several more images focusing on the notion of Home and interior spaces by a diverse range of largely self-taught artists follow:

Self-taught, legally blind artist Michael Levell, “Untitled,” Graphite and color pencil on paper — presented by the LA-based Tierra del Sol Foundation at the 2019 Outsider Art Fair and now on view in his first solo exhibition at the Tierra del Sol Gallery

The late Toronto-born, self-taught artist Matthew Wong, “Daybreak Blue,” 2018, watercolor on paper — as seen in his 2018 solo exhibition at KARMA in the East Village

New Orleans-based self-taught folk artist Andrew Lamar Hopkins, “The Creole Cottage of John James Audubon,” — as seen earlier this year at The Winter Show NYC at the Park Avenue Armory with Elle Shushan

Brooklyn-based, self-taught multidisciplinary artist Sara Erenthal, “Indifference,” Acrylic on canvas, 2017 — as seen in her solo exhibition at FiveMyles in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky