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At Insita Praha 2022: An International Exhibition of Naive and Outsider Art in the Czech Republic

On view at Galerie Lapidarium in Prague is Insta Praha 2022, the gallery’s second international exhibition of “naive art, art brut and outsider art.” While visiting the Czech Republic last week, I had the opportunity to visit the winsome, delightfully engaging exhibit and capture several images.

The whimsical image pictured above “Winter Carnival,” was fashioned with acrylic on canvas by Finland-based Kikka Nyrén. Several more images of artworks featured in the exhibit follow:

Czech native Raiser Zdeněk, “Drunk Goose Goose,” Acrylic on canvas

Milan-based Amato Domenico, “The Giraffe by Claude Monet,” Mixed media on canvas

Czech native Alexandra Dětinská, “Prague Angel,” Oil on canvas

Czech native Dagmar Vávrová,”Early Evening Relaxation,” Watercolor on wood

Poland-based Pawel Widera, “Two Women Sunbathing Naked on the Beach in Radosciowice,” Acrylic on canvas

The exhibition remains on view at Galerie Lapidarium in Prague through Friday, December 3.

Photos of artworks: Lois Stavsky