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Curious Characters, Part II: Okuda, Fanakapan, Alejandro Lazo aka Alazo, Leo Ray & Keith Haring

Pictured above is “Toilet Inside You,” painted on wood by self-taught Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, that I came upon while visiting Castle Fitzjohns Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in early December. Several more images of curious characters — fashioned largely by self-taught artists — that I saw in a range of places follow:

UK-based self-taught artist Fanakapan. as seen late fall in Fat Free Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Self-taught Cuban artist Alejandro Lazo, aka Alazo, as seen at the Cuban Art Space in Chelsea, Manhattan

Tel Aviv-based Lithuanian artist Leo Ray, as seen in under a thousand in Florentin, Tel Aviv

The legendary Keith Haring in the lobby of the Woodhull Medical Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn 

Photos by Lois Stavsky