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The Animal Kingdom, Reimagined: Strayones, Leo Ray, Max Ernst, Isaiah Zagar, Ospa and more

On the streets and in a range of indoor spaces, a huge spectrum of artist-fashioned animals — from the vaguely realistic to the wildly fantastical — can be found. Pictured above are two life-sized animals created from steel wire by sculptural street artist Strayones. Several more that I’ve recently come upon follow:

Tel Aviv-based Lithuanian painter, Leo Ray — as seen in under a thousand in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Self-taught German artist Max Ernst, Composition with Bird, Oil on canvas, as seen at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Unidentified artist on the streets of Tel Aviv

Palestinian artist, to be identified, as seen at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Isaiah Zagar on the pavement in North Philly

Polish artist Ospa in Tel Aviv

Photos by Lois Stavsky