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On the Move: Eduardo Ungar, Barbara Siebenlist, Ora Segalis, Mathias Goeritz, Leo Ray & more

Featured above is a close-up from a huge unsigned mural in Madrid, Spain featuring African refugees seeking shelter. Several more images of folks on the move — that I’ve come upon in my recent travels — follow:

A larger segment of the Madrid mural picturing African refugees

Argentine Naive artist Eduardo Ungar, “Musicians’ Moving Day”, as seen at Gina Gallery of International Naive Art

Self-taught Argentine artist Barbara Siebenlist, close-up from huge mural in Madrid, Spain

Ora Segalis, Skating Girl, as seen in the Ein Hod Artists Village in Northern Israel

The late Gernan-born Mexican artist  Mathias Goeritz, “Under the Moon,” as seen at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid

Tel Aviv-based Leo Ray— whose works are largely marked by a distinct Naive aesthetic, “Postman”

Photos by Lois Stavsky