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Upcycled Art — Creative Transformations by: Bordalo II, Jim Power, Loring Cornish, Sara Erenthal, Jean Marcel St. Jacque & more

Artists – both self-taught and academically trained — are increasingly fashioning art with objects or materials that have been discarded. The image pictured above is from an assemblage forged by Portuguese artist Bordallo II –on view at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. Several more images of upcycled works encountered in a range of sites follow:

Jim Power aka the Mosaic Man in the East Village, close-up

Collaborative — seen at Huerto Roma Verde, urban garden & recyling center in Mexico City

Baltimore-based Loring Cornish at Baltimore’s North Station

Brooklyn-based self-taught artist Sara Erenthal, close-up from her solo exhibit, “Re-cover,” at the Red House Shapira in Tel Aviv 

New Orleans-based Jean Marcel St. Jacques, forged from reclaimed wood from his Katrina-damaged home, close-up — as seen at Visionary Aponte at King Juan Carlos of Spain Center, NYU

Photos by Lois Stavsky