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AHRC Artists Showcase Their Artworks in Pop-Up Exhibition at the Jewish Museum

For six weeks this past spring, every Thursday morning Arts Educator and ART BreakOUT co-founder Bonnie Astor accompanied 10 Queens-based AHRC members to The Jewish Museum on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Following each visit to a particular exhibit, the students created artworks — inspired by the exhibit — in workshops conducted by NYC-based artist and educator Paula Stuttman. On Thursday, June 22, The Jewish Museum hosted a pop-up exhibit celebrating the AHRC residency at the museum.

Pictured above is Tamia Hester to the right of her intriguing collage and AHRC Program Coordinator, Magdalena Kosciuch. Several more images captured of the AHRC artists and their artworks follow:

Lamija Kurtovic

Danielle Sage

Yvonne Raby

Sydney Burford

And AHRC Arts Educator Bonnie Astor

Photos: Lois Stavsky