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“APY Lands, 2019” Features Female Aboriginal Artists at Olsen Gruin Through April 14

Appy Lands, a tantalizing group exhibition featuring a range of sumptuous, dream-like images by female Aboriginal artists, remains on view at Olsen Gruin on Manhattan’s Lower East Side through April 14. Featured above is Tjala Tjukurpa – Honey Ant Story by the prolific Yaritji Young, who has been painting at the Aboriginal-owned and operated Tjala Arts since 2000. Several more images from Apy Lands follow:

Sylvia Ken, Seven Sisters, Acrylic on linen

Ken Sister’s CollaborativeSeven Sisters, Acrylic on linen, one of many works fashioned collaboratively

Mitakiki Women’s Collaborative, Seven Sisters, Acrylic on linen

Wawiriya BurtonNgayuku Ngura – My Country, Acrylic on linen

Yaritji Young, Tjala Tjukurpa – Honey Ant Story

Located at 30 Orchard Street, the gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm and Sunday 11am – 5pm.

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky