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Imaginary Landscapes: Joan Ponc, Jorge Galindo, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Laguna 626, Max Ernst & more

Pictured above is an imaginary landscape by the late Spanish artist Joan Ponç. A member of the avant-garde group Dau al Set, the first post-World War II artistic movement in Catalonia, Joan Ponç was largely self-taught. What follows are several more fanciful landscapes fashioned by self-taught artists that I’ve recently come upon in a range of spaces — both indoors and outdoors.

Spanish artist Jorge Galindo, Stunned Street, as seen in the Soledad Lorenzo Collection at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid — on view through March 5

Self-taught French designer Nathalie Du Pasquier, Open Box in a Landscape, as seen last month in her solo exhibition BIG OBJECTS NOT ALWAYS SILENT at ICA Philadelphia

Spanish artist Laguna 626, street art mural for Muros Tabacalera, at former tobacco factory in Madrid

The late German artist Max Ernst, Birds Above the Forest, as seen in his recent solo exhibition Beyond Painting at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC

Chat Noir, as spotted in the industrial district of Florentin, Tel Aviv this weekend

Photos of artworks by Lois Stavsky