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On the Move: Reverend Albert Wagner, Helen Rae, Joe Light, Amos Ferguson and More

The image featured above, “Oh My Goodness, We’re Leaving Again,” was fashioned with acrylic and oil by the late Arkansas-born, African-American self-taught artist Reverend Albert Wagner. It is one of his many images that has been on view at the — now temporarily closed — American Visionary Art Museum. Several more images of folks on the move by largely self-taught artists that I came upon in varied spaces follow:

82-year-old West Coast-based self-taught artist Helen Rae, “February 22, 2019,” 2019, Colored pencil and graphite on paper — as seen last summer at the Andrew Edlin Gallery; the artist who lives with developmental challenges and a severe hearing impairment has been developing her skills at the progressive Tierra del Sol for the past 30 years.

The late Tennessee-native, African-American self-taught artist Joe Light, Little Hobo, c. 1986, house paint and enamel on found wood — as seen in 2018 at Shrine

A small segment of a collaborative community-based mural — as seen in the largely Arab town of Jaffa in Israel in 2018

The late Bahamas-native, African-American self-taught artist Amos Ferguson, “Man and Children with Horse,” 1987, Enamel on paperboard — as seen earlier this year at Christies

Images of artworks photographed by Lois Stavsky