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Re-Imagining Faces, Part VI: Julia Sisi, Issei Nishimura, Roy Gabbay, Stephen Goddard, Masayoshi Hanawa and Mose Tolliver

The mesmerizing image pictured above was created by self-taught, Argentine artist Julia Sisi, whose vibrant visionary aesthetic is featured in the current issue of Raw Vision Magazine.  Several more images of faces that I came upon while visiting the Outsider Art Fair 2019 at the Metropolitian Pavilion in Chelsea follow:

Self-taught Japanese painter Issei Nishimura, Copy, Acrylic, colored gesso, linen on plywood, 2013

Pure Vision Arts Queens-based artist Roy Gabbay, Untitled, Acrylic on board, 2017

Self-taught UK-based artist Stephen Goddard , Linda, oil on panel, 2016

Self-taught Japanese artist Masayoshi Hanawa, Untitled

The late African-American self-taught artist Mose Tolliver, George Washington, Housepaint on found wood

Photos by Lois Stavsky