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Re-Imagining Faces, Part VIII: Mark Anthony Hill, Hector Frank Heredia, John Tursi, Akito Nara, Marcus Jahmal & Anne Marie Grgich

The image pictured above, Respect the Order, was fashioned by the Jamaican American artist Mark Anthony Hill with acrylic on canvas. It remains on view in his solo exhibition at One Art Space in Tribeca until January 6 . Following are several more faces in a variety of styles and media seen this past year in a range of settings:

Havana, Cuba-based self-taught artist Hector Frank Heredia, “Untitled,” Mixed media — as seen last March at Art on Paper in Lower Manhattan

Self-taught multidisciplinary artist John Tursi — as seen at the Living Museum in Queens Village

Largely self-taught Japanese artist Akito Nara, “Soul Meeting,” Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas — as seen last March in his solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Gallery in Chelsea, NYC

Brooklyn-based self-taught artist Marcus Jahmal, “Mirror 4,” Watercolor on paper — as seen in “100 Drawings from Now” at the (now temporarily closed) Drawing Center in Soho, NYC

Self-taught Oregon-based artist Anne Marie Grgich, “Target,” Mixed media — as seen last January at the Outsider Art Fair in Chelsea, NYC

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky