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RAE BK Brings His Outsider Aesthetic Inside in “The RAE Show”

We’ve been huge fans of RAE BK‘s folksy, outsider aesthetic since we first came upon it years ago on the streets of NYC. Woven into NYC’s fabric, his installations, paintings, paste-ups and stickers continue to delight us. And since Halloween, it’s been possible to observe the reclusive artist live — with occasional special guests — 24/7 in The RAE Show staged in a storefront at 130 Allen Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Pictured above is RAE at work in his pajamas as seen from outside his temporary home. What follows are several more images we captured these past two weeks peering in from the outside at the space that — as reported in The New York Times — resembles the room that the artist grew up in on Utica Avenue:

RAE at work in one of his disguises

And with another disguise — a papier-mâché mask

Getting ready to roller-skate in his temporary abode — with yet another disguise

And a close-up of RAE‘s “home” with a smattering of artworks

The RAE Show continues at 130 Allen Street until Thanksgiving and can also be viewed 24/7 here:

Photo credits: 1, 3 & 4 Tara Murray; 2 & 5 Lois Stavsky; post by Lois Stavsky with Tara Murray