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Visual Reflections on Solitude, Part II: Matthew Wong, Humberto Ramirez and Luis Cruz Azaceta

Sometimes we seek solitude; other times it is thrust upon us. In this second in our series, Visual Reflections on Solitude, stirring visions of aloneness are reflected in the works of three distinctly arresting artists. The soulful image pictured above was painted with acrylic on paper in 2016 by the late largely self-taught Asian-Canadian artist Matthew Wong. Several more representations of “solitude” follow:

Also by Matthew Wong, “Untitled,” 2016, Acrylic on paper — as seen in the artist’s solo exhibition currently on view at Cheim & Read in Chelsea, Manhattan

Self-taught Bay Area-based artist Humberto Ramirez, “I’ll See You,” 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas — as seen earlier this year at Jack Hanley Gallery in Tribeca

Also by Humberto Ramirez, “Dime Luna,” 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas

Cuban-American artist Luis Cruz Azaceta, “Abandoned,” Acrylic on canvas — as seen in his 2018 solo exhibition at George Adams Gallery

Also by Luis Cruz Azaceta, “AIDS Count II,” 1988, Acrylic on canvas

Photos of images: Lois Stavsky